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Pastor Search Process 

Greetings, BMBC Family! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
As you know, we have invited the Candidate Finalists to come so that all of us can meet them, they can share their God-given vision for our church, lead us in Sunday School, and deliver the sermon. 




In June 2021, BMBC relaunched the Pastor search with new members of the Pulpit Search Committee (the “PSC”).

Below you will find more information about the vetting process which will be utilized by the PSC. In addition, you will learn about the church membership’s vital role in the Pastor's search.

The PSC is composed of: Sister Nicol Arrington, Deacon David Bush, Sister Jacqueline Karriem (Chair), Sister Rhonda Laye, Deacon Anthony Lumpkin, Sister Catherine Scott, and Brother Bill Ward. 

The mission of the PSC:

The mission of Broadview Missionary Baptist Church’s Pulpit Search Committee (PSC) under the direction of the Holy Spirit, is to prayerfully and strategically recommend a discipleship-minded Pastor who will inspire BMBC members to live life for Christ.

STAGE ONE: Identifying Candidates

Begin advertising the Pastor position through appropriate channels, such as Southern Baptist media, seminaries, job boards, and other networks.

Begin sourcing, screening, and interviewing candidates. This will involve listening to multiple sermons, reading resumes, viewing church websites, and exploring available information such as podcasts, or books written by the candidates.

STAGE TWO: Determine the Final Slate of Candidates

The PSC will determine which of the candidates it wants to consider further.

The next step for the PSC will be to conduct an introductory 45–60-minute virtual interview with each candidate. We anticipate this will reduce the candidate pool further.

A second, more in-depth virtual interview will be conducted for the remaining candidates.

Finalist(s) will return with spouse(s) for broader interviews with members of the leadership of the church and to participate in Sunday School and Sunday Worship service(s).

A small group will visit the candidate(s) community as well as attend a worship service in his home church.

STAGE THREE: Pulpit Search Committee Candidate Recommendation

The final candidates will return for one more interview with the PSC.

Following the interview, the PSC will recommend which candidate to bring before the congregation.

STAGE FOUR: Member Participation

Before voting, the church members will have an opportunity to meet with the final candidate to hear his vision and proposed plan for the church, as well as ask any questions they might have.

After meeting with the final candidate, the church members will have the opportunity to provide feedback to the PSC about the candidate presented in a method to be determined.

The PSC will present the final candidate, under consideration, for a vote by the church membership. An affirmative vote of an amount specified in the church constitution, by members present and in good standing, is necessary for the candidate to be selected as Pastor.


For questions or comments please send us an email:


 Leave a voice message at: 708-356-4397

(Please make sure you leave a return phone number with your message)