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The History of Broadview Missionary Baptist Church

Broadview Missionary Baptist Chapel began as a Southern Baptist Mission on July 4, 1969, under the leadership of Rev. Otis Anderson. The mission was located at 2001 South 15th Avenue, which was the property of the Chicago Metropolitan Baptist Association.

On January 31, 1972, Rev. Otis Anderson resigned as pastor, but the mission continued to persevere.

On the first Sunday of May 7, 1972, Rev. Clarence W. Hopson accepted the call to become the Spiritual Leader. At that time, there were approximately forty members, with the majority being women and children.

In June of 1972, the church was constituted.

Under Pastor Hopson’s leadership, the church experienced record growth and two years later (1974) the Church purchased the property at 2001 S. 15th Avenue; record growth continued and the challenge to plan for the needs of the membership was apparent.

In 1977, the church building was totally remodeled. At that time, the membership was approaching three hundred and the leadership became concerned about space. They began to explore options.

On March 30, 1980, with a membership of just under four hundred, we moved to 2111 S. 17th Avenue. Within a few years the membership exceeded two thousand and plans got under way to alleviate overcrowded conditions; many options were considered.

On November 13, 2004, after years of prayer, research, and legal challenges, we moved into our current facilities (2100 South 25th Avenue). This facility includes a sanctuary that seats 2200, a fellowship hall that can accommodate up to 450, fifteen classrooms, and numerous offices and administrative spaces. Our Christian Education department offered more than fifteen classes per quarter. In the first 25 years we taught 5033 students. Additionally, we have fifteen ministries. We also sponsored two new churches during that period.

April 27, 2006, after 35 years of service Pastor Clarence W. Hopson announces his retirement effective May 27, 2007.

On October 27, 2006, Rev. Marvin G. Parker was elected Pastor of Broadview Baptist Church. The Pastor’s installation took place on May 27, 2007, where he took the baton of leadership by continuing to build on the foundation laid by Pastor Emeritus Hopson.

Under Pastor Parker our concentration was on missions, Acts 8:1, locally (Jerusalem), nationally (Judea & Samaria) and international (end of the earth). Also, under his leadership the Christian Education department was refocused to a back-to-basics curriculum, i.e., the teaching of foundational doctrines.

Acting upon a vision from God, Pastor Marvin G. Parker moved Broadview’s Missionary’s focus to the next level with the appointment of Reverend Eric Arnall as Mission’s Pastor. Reverend Arnall developed the Missions 101 Training Class Curriculum and organized the Missions Ministry based on Acts 1:8.

In 2008 Reverend Robert Walker, Sr. replaced Rev. Arnall as Missions’ Pastor. He developed a program to engage the entire church in missionary efforts. Mission’s Pastor Arnall started by initiating strategies,that included, Partnering with Missionaries from other churches, Church Planting, Mission Trips, identifying church wide Mission opportunities and establishing a Missions’ Prayer Team. During our first Global Impact Weekend missionaries from all over the world came and shared their stories and prayer request. Broadview’s missionary focus was on the move.

In 2018 Pastor Marvin G. Parker retired after serving 12 years as Senior Pastor; Assistant Pastor, Christopher Robinson becomes Interim Pastor.

At the time that Interim Pastor Robinson took over leadership, the COVID 19 pandemic began, forcing us to close the church to in-person services, Bible Study, prayer, and Sunday School. Interim Pastor Robinson along with the church leadership banded together and developed initiatives to assure that the church remained a viable and sustainable member of the Broadview community. Worship services went virtual through the internet, Christian Education teachers started online classes first via teleconferencing, then virtually using internet meeting platforms. Weekly prayer meetings were held online by church leaders and members. The men of Broadview held men’s prayer every Saturday morning without fail throughout the pandemic and continues to this day both online and in-person.

Starting in April of 2019, we began our search for a new pastor. This was accomplished by first reaching out to God through prayer and fasting, studying His Word, utilizing the gifts He had bestowed on the Pulpit Search committee members (committee #1 2019-2021 and committee #2-2021-2022) but most importantly by waiting for God to reveal who He had chosen as our new Pastor.

In October of 2022, God being omnipotent chose Rev. Jasper Paul Taylor I of Chicago, IL [click Here to read his bio] to be our new Pastor. Pastor Taylor began as the Under Shepherd for Broadview on January 1, 2023, starting a new chapter to the Broadview Missionary Baptist church history.

As we embark on this new journey, we the church body, humble ourselves, poised in total submission with open hearts to God’s will as He continues to mold and shape us into the church, He is calling us to be.