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This Crisis Intervention Resource Guide was developed by the BMBC Crisis Intervention Team for the purpose of identifying external resources available to support church members and the community at large, in times of crisis.

The resources include local, county, state, religious and nonā€profit organizations that offer a wealth of social services that are generally available to the public. Please click the link below to access the guide.


Broadview Missionary Baptist Church (the “Church”) provides this Resource Guide for your review and investigation to determine if any services provided by the agencies and organizations listed herein will be of assistance to you.  The Church does not recommend or endorse any agency or organization listed or described in this Guide.  Any decision to interact with or use the services of any agency or organization is your individual choice, not a decision made by the Church or any of its departments, auxiliaries, employees or volunteers. The Church is not responsible for the content of or services provided by any of these resources. 

By clicking on this LINK TO VIEW, you acknowledge acceptance of this Disclaimer.