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Spiritual Renewal - A Call for Prayer

4th Week Blog Picture


Dear Broadview,

I greet you in the name of God our Father, Jesus our Savior, and the Holy Spirit our Comforter. I don't know about you, but I have been richly blessed by our spiritual prayer guide and weekly Wednesday night services. Let me express my gratitude to our associate ministers who have provided our daily prayers. I made this request of them, and they worked diligently to make this guide possible. I also want to thank Minister Andre Ballard and Sis. Toni Dorris for their effort in compiling and designing our prayer guide. We are most appreciative of your effort.

As we move into our final week, my prayer is that you would finish strong! Continue with your fast on Wednesday from 6 am to 6 pm and pray daily. Most importantly, please do all that you can to worship with us in person for our midweek worship service this Wednesday at 7 pm.

Our theme for this week has one major focus: VISION. I believe that God gives vision to His under-shepherd for His flock for every season of ministry in the Life of His church. Broadview, we are in a new season, and I believe that the Lord has great work for us to do. While some may assume that God always supernaturally gives vision in a dream or a vision where we're caught up in a third heaven, this is not always the case. Sometimes God reveals His plans for His church (and our Lives) in daily, simple and mundane ways. Both manners of revelation are still God-ordained.

I want you to know that God is showing me things about where He would Like to take us as Pastor and People, and at the appointed time, I Look forward to sharing it with you. In the meantime, my prayer is that you would join me in prayer for the vision. Ask God to give me clarity and wisdom to know how and when to share what He has placed in my heart. Pray that we would be on one accord to receive and that there will be Laborers in the vineyard to help make the vision a reality. Click HERE to download the Prayer Guide.

Most of all, remember that God is faithful and whatever He starts, He will finish.

The Best Is Yet to Come!

Pastor Jasper