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COVID-19 Update


Well BMBC, we’ve had to adapt to many new changes as what’s considered to be the “New Norm” over the last few months.  Although irritating to many, the safety habits that are developing and the boundaries that have been set forth until a vaccine can be developed to eradicate the human destruction of this pandemic is currently all that we can rely on.  Even then, to a degree, some safety measures that have been put into place could still be expected to be followed as an overall standard. 

Within the US, there are over 2.6 million confirmed cases and over 127,000 deaths.  As testing is now more prominent and readily available, there is still currently no vaccine to prevent COVID-19 but continued research and clinical testing is a major focus to achieve this goal and to cure those affected. 

As of June 26th, Illinois moved into Stage 4 – Revitalization, in which gatherings of 50 people or fewer are allowed, health care providers are open instead of virtual appointments, the opening of child cares, non-essential businesses, bars and restaurants, entertainments, theaters, gyms, and retail stores.   

We’ve seen a decline in the number of cases with people following the guidelines set forth by the CDC, due to the practice of safeguards that are not limited to the wearing of masks, cleaning, sanitizing hands and social distancing. However, we’ve also seen increases within those once declining numbers throughout various states. The tactics the CDC requires us to practice are being relaxed based on the individual state’s requirements compared to the country as a whole during each state’s re-opening stages. With the weather becoming warmer, people wanting to be outside to enjoy the warmer climate and the activities Summer allows, we have seen many become relaxed in their practices of safety.   

BMBC, let’s continue to keep ourselves and our families safe.  Let’s continue to follow the guidelines set forth by the CDC, use our common knowledge for safety, and pray as God continues to protect us and guide us through this pandemic’s journey.  We look forward to being within our sanctuary to fellowship and enjoy our BMBC family and praise the Lord as one again.